The PIM-SHOOTER™ Model 150A brings affordable plastic injection molding to model shops, medical device manufacturers, R & D labs or small businesses. To produce a simple injection molded plastic item, you may have been shocked by the high initial cost for the mold tooling! Our machine works with low-cost aluminum molds which can allow you to produce thousands of plastic parts for a few cents each. To get a custom aluminum mold click here:  MOLDS  

Making your parts in-house eliminates the fear of sending your proprietary design overseas. Ideal for R&D, Prototyping and Production runs.   Go to the  VIDEOS   page to see this machine in action!

It makes a perfect addition to any Makerspace, Fab Lab, Tech Shop, STEM or FabLearn Programs.

The Model 150A also features adjustable machine height to accomodate a wide variety of mold sizes. You don't need to settle for a fixed design that accepts only limited mold sizes.

The Model 150A comes complete ready-to-use: It includes a 24-page instruction manual, protective gloves, safety glasses, a sample mold and a jar of plastic pellets so you can start making plastic parts immediately!

Bench Model Injection Machine

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Model 150A Specifications